New Generation is a Member Club of NGA, the National Gymnastics Association. 

NGGA offers two different NGA competitive programs.  The first is our Xcel team.  The members of this team compete locally and practice 6 – 10 hours per week.  The Xcel team allows the athlete to participate in other sports.  The other team we offer is our Junior Olympic team.  This team practices 6½ - 20 hours per week and requires a total commitment from the athlete.  They compete at a local, regional and national level.

 Both teams must compete in all scheduled competitions and require a year round commitment.



Everyone is invited to join this team!  You will learn routines, get a competitive leotard & warm-up and have a great time competing with your friends!  You will learn your routines November – December while still working on new skills and the competitive season runs from January through May. 

If you practice one time per week, you are invited to compete in our home meets and if you practice two times per week, you compete in our home meets and about two (local) away meets! 

 We offer five different practice times for the Rec Team and you are able to choice whichever one (or two!) that works best for you! If you plan on coming 2x/week, we do ask that one of your choices is a regular class. The season finishes with a special competition at NGGA where everyone takes home a trophy, can come to the pizza party and team sleepover in the gym!! 

This year we will have SILVER and MAROON practices to help put the girls with the same skill level together.  This will optimize your daughter's time in the gym.  Please call the gym to find out which color you should sign up for.  782-9596

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity – JOIN NOW!!